Lucky escape for lorry driver and other motorists as lorry brakes fail on Fonsalía spur road

Photo: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento.

A lorry driver had a lucky escape this morning when his lorry overturned after its brakes failed on approaching the end of the TF1 spur near Fonsalía. Traffic on the main road between Alcalá and Playa San Juan came to a standstill, though emergency services and road teams got the incident cleared and drivers moving again fairly quickly. The lorry driver himself was taken to hospital with head and back injuries which are thankfully said not to be serious. It could have been far worse given how steep the end of the motorway spur is, and if the driver hadn’t been so skilful: it appears that he deliberately drove into the ascending lane to turn the lorry in the centre of the roundabout itself.


  1. Old truck driver rules go down the hill in the gear you need to go up it, then your brakes are nice and cool when needed. Pleased no one was hurt.

  2. Maybe he should have tested the brakes earlier because not far from the end of the spur road there is a lane specifically for vehicles whose brakes have failed. It’s filled with loose gravel to slow and stop vehicles like lorries.

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