Lucky escape for swimmer at Puerto Colón

La Pinta Beach Michael

A 24-year-old man had a lucky escape at Puerto Colón around lunchtime today when he was pulled from the water on the point of drowning. Other bathers, including a Red Cross volunteer, who had got him safely onto the shore, called emergency services while giving him immediate first aid. Paramedics took over when they arrived, and once they had stabilized him, transferred him in a vital support ambulance to Hospitén Sur.

Cecoes112 (with thanks to macbee48 from TheTenerifeForum for the wonderful photo of a deserted La Pinta beach at daybreak with just himself in the water).


  1. How did this chap go on?
    The red cross volunteer (life guard) was useless, did not have a clue what to do. He did not remain calm and prevented the 3 other bathers (who were all emergency trained medical staff) from doing there job, he didnt even pull him from the water – another English man did. CPR was initally successfull on the beach although the Man did not recover conciousness at that time.
    If anyone knows how this chap went on, be good to know.

  2. Author

    As so often, there’s been nothing further in the papers about it. As you say, it would be good to know, and I hope someone posts if they know anything.

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