Luna – a case of animal cruelty that might result in the second prison sentence in the Canaries

Luna – a case of animal cruelty that might result in the second prison sentence in the Canaries

Update 3 August: It was a very widespread, intensive and exhausting search, but it’s ended with the best of news. Luna has been found and is now home again with her rescuer. Above is the photo of the moment when they were reunited. Gosh it’s nice to post something like this!

Update 31 July: After two days of intensive searching, Luna is still missing. There is now a €300 reward for anyone who finds her or hands her over. Anyone who wants to continue to help find Luna should be looking in the Redonda area of Icod de los Vinos.

Update 30 July 3pm: This is very odd, and possibly very sinister. Luna has disappeared from her foster home. Those looking out for her wellbeing beg that anyone in the Icod area helps search for her – it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that she has been “stolen” by her previous owner to avoid the legal proceedings that are underway for the cruelty she suffered. Anyone who can help, please either go to Plaza de Redondo in Icod at 5pm this afternoon where things will be coordinated, or call 652.816.965 to arrange to help.

Update 9pm: For anyone who wishes to contribute to Luna’s ongoing care in the long process of her physical and psychological recovery, donations can be made direct to Proteanimaloy in her name. Please note that Proteanimaloy is a formal company, so this is going direct to the source. The account details are:

account number: 0182 6657 11 0201 527 359
Bank: BBVA
Name of account: Proteanimaloy

If you wish to give a specific reference, please use “ayuda a LUNA”. Further details can be found on Proteanimaloy’s website HERE.

Original post 23 July 11.30am:  Another case of appalling animal cruelty is in the news today with the case of a five-year-old border collie bitch called Luna. She was found on 28 June by Policía Local in an horrendous state in a metal oil drum on a farm in Los Realejos. She had been beaten so badly that her skull had been not just fractured, but split in two, and was covered in earth in the drum as though to bury her while still alive.

She was initially taken to a vet in La Orotava but, having been treated and found to be chipped, was then returned to her owner, who claimed she had escaped. Shortly afterwards, he appears to have decided not to keep her, and gave her up to Proteanimaloy on 11 July to be offered for adoption. She is now in a foster home and beginning what is going to be a long and difficult recovery. At the vets she was diagnosed with various muscular and circulatory problems, and brain damage, the result of her maltreatment. She is said now to be out of danger, but still suffering serious physical and psychological problems. The strength of this poor little animal is clear from the fact that her foster carers say there is a daily improvement. In time, she’ll need a very special new home, not least because she will be frightened at leaving the kindness of her foster home.

Meanwhile, Proteanimaloy is raising funds to pay for Luna’s ongoing treatment: the organization has created a fundraising Facebook page Todos, Somos Luna, and legal proceedings have been initiated. This cannot proceed until police have further information, and they are continuing to investigate the case, not the least subject of which is her “owner” who has been denounced for abusing Luna as well other animals.


  1. I hope the ” owner ” will go to jail for a long time and will beaten up by the other inmates and suffer more horribles things , the same as he did to this poor animal. See how he likes it…Justice must be done and we seem to be on the good road..

  2. I really hope justice is done here, and the owner does get a prison sentence and a heavy fine, as well as banned from keeping animals in the future. Thank you Janet, for making people more aware and sharing Luna’s story.

  3. I really struggle to understand how a human can do this to a beautiful soul like this. I pray for her safety, protection and happiness. God bless her. Xxx

  4. I really and truly don’t believe there are so many evil people in this world but alas there are.Cruelty to another human being is sad enough but when its done to a defenceless animal it makes my blood boil.I have been following LUNA progress and was frightened for her when she went missing I was crying when I found out that she had been found.I don’t understand the mentalty off some people why have a dog if you are not prepared to look after him/her.They return you kindness and love a million times over.I sincerely hope the courts prosecute the owner and sling him in jail where in most peoples opinion is where he belongs.But then again this is Spain we are talking about.Time will tell.

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