Madrid puts an end to the municipal licence system to open a business

Madrid has approved a new law which legislates for an “express autolicence”, a mechanism which eliminates the current system of municipal licences to open a business. The measure is intended to save business people both time and money. Deputy PM, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, said that “the measure seeks to change administrative culture, free up commerce, end bureaucracy, simplify processes, speed up procedures, and support  business people”. She was speaking in a press conference after the cabinet meeting which approved the measures, and added that in times of crisis, Government must roll out the red carpet for businesses rather than put obstacles in their way. The measure currently applies to small businesses occupying less than 300 square metres, but the Government has not ruled out applying it to larger businesses in the future.


  1. Wonderful!!! someone should suggest she join the Canarian Government!!!! sounds like she has brain cells AND common sense!!!

  2. the problem is comparing the canary government to the madrid government is like chalk and cheese. The law against private letting is a protectionist law, it only exists to try to advantage hotels against self catering apartments. Its illegal to let an apartment on your own, it can only be done through a monopolly sole agent with 50 plus 1 % of owners involved. Then the apartments have to have a 24 hour reception and a maid service, just like a hotel. result is that the hotels end up competing with nearly hotels with unnecesary hotel ad ons for costs. The situation is that the crackdown against private apartment letting has not sent extra customers to the hotels so as can happen, the protectionism is not actually working as intended.

    The canary government could only base their policy of attacking private apartments on a belief that this would help the hotels, help employment and so help their economy. Its quite a u turn for them to now consider abandoning their protectionist law and say permitting individual private letting, without unnecesary hotel ad ons. I would say it would be like robert Mugabwe suddenly deciding to change his ways and start to operate like a reasonable democrat.

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