Major earthquake in Gran Canaria followed almost immediately by volcanic eruption in Güímar with both islands enveloped in resulting toxic cloud … that’s the scenario for a natural catstrophe drill to be carried out by army and national authorities in the Canaries in March

An emergency simulation is going to be carried out in Tenerife and Gran Canaria in the Spring. The drill for the crisis situation is organized by the Spanish army, specifically the Unidad Militar de Emergencia (Military Emergencies Unit), and will involve a “large-scale natural catastrophe”. The UME says that over 2,000 will be taking part in the drill which takes place here between 21-26 March and which will be based on the scenario of a simultaneous level 2 earthquake in Gran Canaria and level 3 eruption in the upper Güímar valley while a toxic cloud from both catastrophes impedes air and sea communication between the teams in both islands as well as between the islands and the mainland. The exercise will involve army, emergency and organizational teams as well as a range of other related services, resources and public administrations.  

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