Major feature for Tenerife in Wall Street Journal

Upmarket indeed, and appealing to a yet wider audience. The Tenerife Cabildo is delighted that the island has been given full feature treatment by the European edition of the Wall Street Journal, with a total potential readership between print and online editions of 15 million. The feature, entitled A Walk on Tenerife’s Wilder Side, was published at the end of March, and Tenerife President Carlos Alonso, said that this type of promotion was exactly what Tenerife needed and, evidently, had involved no promotional costs beyond those dedicated to letting the island show itself to its best. He stressed that the media repercussions of such exposure were enormous.

The article’s author, journalist Jemima Sissons, spent several days in Tenerife at the start of this year in order to get to know the island from first hand experiences of the lesser known attractions we have to offer. She visited the Abama Golf & Spa Resort and the Parque Nacional del Teide, Santa Cruz (including the Auditorio and Carnaval) and Garachico. She also refers to gastronomy – one of the key niche markets – with visits to the Bodegón Campestre in La Esperanza, El Rincón de Juan Carlos in Los Gigantes, and the Michelin-starred Kabuki del Abama.

She writes that Tenerife is an ideal escape at any time of year and that it offers stunning landscapes and afternoons on pristine beaches. The feature occupies two full pages in the print version, and the online version is HERE. As can be seen from above, the article is announced above the journal’s banner on the front page. The European edition of the WSJ is edited in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK, and Israel, and is distributed to fifty or so countries in Europe.


  1. Author

    That’s excellent, David, and yes, things are looking up, and in a literal sense too because the clear drift is upmarket!

  2. Pity about the Canaries being in the top 5 of the EU unemployment table. Lets hope this up market tourism brings more jobs?

  3. La Teide?? And a pity the journalist has used that very photogenic photograph of the coloured houses along the Paseo Maritimo in Santa Cruz DEL LA PALMA!

  4. Never mind the minor errors which most of the intended audience won’t be aware of, that is one of the most interesting and seductive itineraries for a short stay in Tenerife /La Gomera that I have read. No wonder the Cabildo is delighted. However I think you would be exhausted if you followed the programme precisely!

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