Major police operation against Italian mafia organized crime results in 13 arrests

Update 20 October: The 13 individuals under arrest in this operation will have left Tenerife by the end of today on a special flight from TFS bound for Madrid, where they will pass into the control of the Court 6 in the Audiencia Nacional.

Police say now that the complexes searched during the operation were Marina Palace in Playa Paraiso, Balcón del Atlántico in Torviscas Alto, Mare Verde in Torviscas Bajo, and Island Village in San Eugenio Alto.  LO

Original post 18 October: In a major police operation codenamed Pozzaro in south Tenerife today, 11 Italians, a Briton and a Moroccan, were arrested on suspicion of  money laundering for the Italian mafia. In a series of raids, a major one being in the Mareverde complex in Torviscas, over 50 properties were searched, €150,000 being seized by police in one dwelling alone,  and a number of bank accounts have been embargoed. The public prosecutor said that collaboration with their colleagues in Naples was fundamental in providing information for the operation against a  network of companies which seems to have been centred in Tenerife and linked to real estate, hotels and restaurants

, and luxury car and boat sales, apparently created to launder money from the two clans. This is being comprehensively covered by the local press here, e.g. C24H, DA, El Dia, C7, LO.

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