Major scandal uncovered in “Operation Perceval” as Guardia Civil raid Tenerife Catastro

The Catastro is a branch of the Hacienda, and serves to collate ownership and values of property. In Tenerife, the Catastro is based in Santa Cruz, and over the past few days, a major scandal has broken with Guardia Civil officers from the mainland raiding the building in what has been named Operation Perceval. Arrests have now been made and although at present only four individuals have been implicated, further arrests are far from having been ruled out. The four implicated are said to be staff from the Catastro itself, as well as a gestor and an ex-notary employee.

The story was broken a few days ago as an exclusive by Diario de Avisos, and has now been confirmed by the press office of the Guardia Civil in Madrid. The crimes being investigated include falsification of documents, misconduct in office, bribery and corruption. The Guardia Civil statement says that the operation is the result of the discovery of a fraud carried out by Catastro officials who colluded with a notary employee to  falsify certifications for the financial benefit of third parties who used the documents to alter the details and ownership of registered properties, and then used the information to register them illegally in local Land Registry offices.

This will not be a short or quick investigation, but it will be a major and sensational one.

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