Armed man suspected of an imminent offence arrested in Church Square, Los Cristianos

Update 26 March: The man is 37 years of age and lives in the San Miguel area. He is currently in the Psychiatric Unit of Candelaria Hospital, where he will be held for at least a fortnight. Due to the gravity of the case, which will be heard by Arona Court 3, the investigation is being carried out by the Organized Crime Group of the Policía Judicial. His dwelling was searched by the Bomb Disposal Group, whose agents found potentially dangerous material which is being analysed. El Dia

Original post 22 March: Policía Nacional arrested a man in Church Square, Los Cristianos, yesterday morning, for being armed to the teeth in a public place. The man was carrying a gun, three magazines of bullets, and a knife, and was wearing a bulletproof jacket. According to the police who stopped and searched him, everything indicated that he was intent on perpetrating an offence, either an attack or a hold up, imminently. PV

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