Man arrested at TFS Reina Sofía trying to smuggle half kilo of heroin into Tenerife

Update 17 May: Police say that the 55-year-old man arrested at TFS yesterday carrying 4.44 kilos of cocaine was a British man about to board a flight from Tenerife to London. He was taken into custody after sensors in a security arch were set off. Police discovered various lumps in his clothes in a subsequent pat-down. In the formal search to which he was subjected, packages containing the drugs were found in specially made neoprene underwear. The man is now being processed by the judicial authorities in Granadilla de Abona.

Update 16 May: And today, the Guardia Civil is reporting that a 55-year-old man has been arrested at TFS for carrying 4.44kilos of cocaine.

Original post 15 May: National Police at TFS Reina Sofía have arrested a man who arrived off a flight from the mainland for trying to smuggle half a kilo of heroin into Tenerife. The 45 year old man is said to be from Guinea Bissau originally, appeared to the police to be behaving suspiciously, and he became so nervous when they asked to checked his documents that they proceeded to search his luggage.

Amongst his clothes they found a package containing a brown substance which was later confirmed as heroin weighing 577 grams. The passport the man handed over was later found not to be his, and to a Portuguese passport which had been manipulated. He has now been handed over to the judicial authorities for processing, and is already in prison awaiting a court hearing.

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