Man arrested for three stabbings in Las Galletas and El Fraile

Police have arrested a 45-year-old man for three stabbings in Las Galletas and El Fraile. Arona Policia Local say that the man, a resident of Las Galletas, has been detained on suspicion of attempted murder, robbery with violence and intimidation, and grevious bodily harm. The two incidents occurred in May and involved a woman stabbed in the doorway of her Las Galletas block of apartments: her assailant was said to be hooded and carrying a knife with which he threatened her, making off with her handbag: a witness was also stabbed, but was safe after surgical intervention.

The second incident was in El Fraile and involved a man stabbed twice in the stomach in a street in the town. Again the victim needed medical surgery for serious wounds. Mercifully, none of the three were killed by the knifeman. Now, the Guardia Civil has arrested the suspect in El Fraile, and he is being processed by the Courts, being remanded in custody while the i

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