Man arrested in El Fraile for assaulting a local shopkeeper after creating altercation in Palm Mar

A 51-year-old Moroccan has been arrested for a knife attack on a shopkeeper in El Fraile yesterday afternoon. The man had recently left Candelaria psychiatric unit, and Arona Policía Local had to deal with strong resistance when they attempted to subdue him. Just days previously, the same man had created an altercation in Palm Mar, the incident which ended with him being taken to the psychiatric unit, but clearly almost immediately after leaving there he was on the attack again.

Thankfully the shopkeeper is unharmed, though locals were alarmed by the man screaming Allahu Akbar (Allah is Great in Arabic) while being subdued. Police say, however, that there is no indication of anything other than a psychiatric episode or perhaps drug use. The Guardia Civil is processing the man for disobedience, resistance and assault, and the courts will now have to determine whether he should be readmitted to the hospital, or be held in prison as a preventative measure while the case is investigated.

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