One death, one lucky escape, in rough seas on the Puerto Santiago coast

Photo: Salvamento Marítimo.

Photo: Los Jardineros

A 30-year-old British man died around 6.30 this evening after being swept into the sea by a wave at Puerto Santiago. Emergency services say that they dispatched a GES search and rescue helicopter after receiving reports of the accident, and after the victim was winched up to the helicopter he was found to be in cardiac arrest. He was flown to Puerto Santiago football field where resuscitation attempts were continued by paramedics and medical staff from the local health centre but sadly without effect.

The tragedy occurred within an hour of the Coastguard rescuing a 27-year-old man who had fallen into the sea nearby in Los Gigantes. The police video below shows the rescued man being winched up from the rocks by Coastguard helicopter, pictured in the main image above. He was transferred to the Adeje helipad.

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