Man dies after ceiling gives way in car park

A 19-year-old man died this evening after falling 15m from an exterior parking area on the TF47 near Playa San Juan. Emergency services say that they were called out shortly before 6.30pm with reports that the young man had fallen after a ceiling of a lower floor gave way. Sadly, however, medical and ambulance crew were unable to do anything other than confirm that the man had died from the severity of the injuries he received in the accident. The Guardia Civil is in charge of the investigation.


  1. Looks like the constructions and infrastructure in Spain is failing worse than any third world country why is the government not taking action and compensating the loss of life. which is actually worth considering if youth is going to lose life in clubs and car parks what should the government do for injury that is fatal the problem is inherently insoluble, Does a government exist or is it blinded.

    1. Author

      This sounds as though it was a metal plated cover for a rubbish area … not meant to be walked on.

  2. THIS report seems to be more detailed and explains something of what happened and where it happened.

    1. Author

      They’re just guessing/giving a general idea based on the TF47.9, John, it’s not confirmed where it happened. That km point is variously used to refer to the towns of Alcalá and PSJ, as well as the Abama Hotel.

  3. I just googled Kilometro 9 Tenerife. Interesting.

  4. Author

    All one can say is that TF48 is an 18 km road between Armeñime and Puerto Santiago. As such, 9km is the halfway point …

  5. The people at Kilómetro 9 must have fantastic lawyers because their name is never mentioned when there is an incident there. I’m not brave enough to name them.

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