Man dies after falling from fourth-floor balcony at Playa de las Américas hotel

Update 16 August 11.30: More information is available now. It transpires that the poor soul was a 23-year-old French man who died after falling from a balcony on the fourth floor of the hotel. Witnesses say they had been no evidence of any fight or altercation during the night. An autopsy will now be carried out, but it seems all but certain that the cause of death was head injuries sustained when he fell near the pool.  PV

Original post 16 August: A 40-year-old man died at a hotel swimming pool just before 8am this morning. The tragedy appears to have happened in the Hotel Ponderosa in Playa de las Américas: certainly at least it is in a hotel in Calle Venezuela, where the Ponderosa is located.

From early details, it seems that the poor man slipped in the pool area and banged his head.


  1. was at the hotel when it happend,cant tell you much about it but the rumours were it was a prank gone wrong.they also say he was there with his two kids.very sad day at the hotel it put a real downer on everyone. thoughts go out to him and his family at this sad time.

  2. Was also at this crap hotel at the time it happened and we moved the day after. Man was probably drunk. We watched them carry the man into a police van. Disgusting. Thoughts go to his family though.

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