Man dies in attempt to reach Teide peak

A 57-year-old man died of a heart attack around 9.30 this morning in an attempt to walk to the peak of Mount Teide. The tragedy happened on the path up to the summit in the Montaña Blanca area. Emergency services were called out and a helicopter and ambulance were sent to the scene, but despite the best efforts of both teams of paramedics, nothing could be done to resuscitate the poor man and he was declared dead at the scene.


  1. I am a catholic priest who had just finished ascending The peak of Mount Teinde and on my way back down (saturday) when I came across this sceen of the man and his helpers. I gave him a blessing and the last rites from a distance – not wanting to be in the way of things. Could you let the family know this as it may be of some comfort. Thankyou for the news. Fr Morgan Batt an Australian

  2. Author

    I’m afraid I don’t have their details to pass this message on, but I hope they will be looking for information about their loss on the internet and come across it. It was very kind of you, and I appreciate your post.

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