Man dies in head-on collision at San Miguel de Tajao in Arico

A 49-year-old man died in a head-on collision on the TF632 road from the TF1 to San Miguel de Tajao in Arico around half past four this afternoon. Emergency services say that they were called out with reports of the accident, and that bomberos needed to extricate the victims from their vehicles. Sadly, the one of the men was in cardiac arrest and efforts to resuscitate him were to no avail and he was declared dead at the scene. A woman involved in the accident received non-serious chest injuries, and a 57-year-old man received whiplash in the accident. Both were treated at San Isidro’s Health Centre.


  1. Remember drivers. It’s better to be 5 minutes late in this world than 5 minutes early in the next.

  2. Some of the drivers out here seem to take so many chances. Only the other day driving from Puerto de la Cruz to Icod some idiot decided to overtake 3 cars and only just made it before a blind corner and a coach coming in the opposite direction. Stupid man could have caused one very serious accident.

  3. So upsetting to read this news. poor families especially this time of year. But it’s a lesson for us all to slow down , don’t take chances if the journey takes 5 minutes longer so what! So many of these terrible accidents in this island could be preventing by just driving properly. It really is tragic! ?

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