Was horrific car crash blaze in La Laguna an attempt to disguise a domestic violence killing?

Updated 17 January: This horrific incident has just appeared even worse, if that were possible. It transpires that the deceased was actually a woman, and the former partner of a manaround 50 years old who turned up in the early hours of this morning at HUC with serious burns that required medical attention. He has now been detained by police while their enquiries now turn to consider the possibility that the crash was no accident, and that it could be a case of domestic violence where the woman was already dead when the car was set on fire, supposedly because of its collision with the post. More will follow on this, I am sure.

Original post 16 January: A man died in an horrific accident this afternoon when his car collided with a lamppost in Camino Fuente Cañizares, La Laguna. Emergency services say that they were called out shortly before 5pm with reports of the collision and that the car had burst into flames in the impact with a person inside. Bomberos extinguished the blaze and freed the driver but ambulance crew were unable to assist him and he was declared dead at the scene. A man who witnessed the accident and its horrendous aftermath was treated at the scene for shock.

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