British Los Gigantes man dies suddenly in car park of La Tejita beach, El Médano

A 44-year-old foreigner dropped dead in the La Tejita car park in El Médano late on Wednesday night. Emergency services were called just before 11pm with reports that a man had collapsed and was not responding to stimuli, and required immediate attention. On arrival, medics found the poor man in cardiac arrest, but despite concerted attempts to resuscitate him, they could do nothing to save his life and he was pronounced dead at the scene.  El Dia

The Los Gigantes forum is naming this poor man as British Los Gigantes resident Tony Fordham. His funeral will be on Tuesday March 2nd at 11am at Los Gigantes church followed by a reception at Tipsy Terrace. It appears that there are to be no flowers by request, instead contributions towards the cost of the funeral will be welcome. Donations will be accepted by Kelly and staff at Offshore 44 or Jo and staff at the Green Corner.

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