Man dies in overturned vehicle on forest track

A 65-year-old man died this evening just after 6.30pm in a car accident on an earth track in the Llanos de Trevejo of Vilaflor. Emergency services were called out with reports of an overturned vehicle, and paramedics attended by helicopter to assist. Sadly, however, despite the further assistance of ambulance, police and bomberos crews, they could do nothing other than confirm his death at the scene. The Guardia Civil is investigating.


  1. Is it possible to find out more about this accident? I believe it may have been my cousin ,but do nt see any names posted.
    Thank you../ Muchas Gracias por su assistencia…Leslie

  2. Author

    Hi Leslie, I’m afraid that names are very rarely given and I haven’t seen the name of this person. I’m sorry … and I hope it’s not your cousin. One source is saying that he got out of the car but forgot to engage the handbrake. When the car moved he tried to stop it, but it overturned on top of him.

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