Man dies near Teide’s Refugio de Altavista

A 65-year-old man died this afternoon near Teide’s Refugio de Altavista. Emergency services say that they were called out around 3.30pm with reports that the man had collapsed near the Refugio, but despite the attendance of two helicopters, medical personnel were unable to resuscitate him.

As I posted HERE when a man collapsed earlier this month during a walk on one of the national park’s senderos, Teide is a staggering 3,718m high, making it the highest point in Spain and the third highest volcano in the world. The caldera, and indeed the national park generally, has an average altitude of over 2,000m. The lower station of the Teleférico itself is at 2,356m, and the Refugio at 3,270, is considerably higher.

Please note that atmospheric changes start at an altitude of around 2,500m. This can cause altitude sickness, but more specifically, can cause problems for people especially those with heart and lung conditions, who can also begin to suffer repercussions at lower altitudes. The official advice for anyone with such vulnerabilities is not to go above the level of the caldera, let alone go up in the cable car, or try to ascend the peak of Teide itself.

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