Man drowns at new Callao Salvaje beach

Update 11 August: It appears that the poor man was an Australian who was on honeymoon in a hotel in the town. He was snorkeling with his new wife when the tragedy occured.

Original post 10 August: A 51-year-old man drowned just after 7pm this evening at Playa de Ajabo in Callao Salvaje. Emergency services were called out with reports a man had been pulled unconscious out of the water, but despite the best efforts of the paramedics, nothing could be done to save his life and he was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.


  1. Very sad news indeed. Does anyone know if this man had a medical condition or was it perhaps strong seas that caused this tragedy? Just a little worried now about letting my son go into the sea at Callao Beach.

  2. Author

    There is an horrendous undertow at Callao Salvaje. There have been several deaths there over the years. It was always a concern that with the new beach, people would think the problem had been resolved, or if they didn’t know there was a problem, would automatically think the water was safe.

    The water is not safe, and as far as I can tell, there is nothing there to warn people, nor to save them easily when they get into trouble. You are quite right to be concerned about your son there.

  3. Hi Janet. I’ve just returned from 2 weeks in Callao Salvaje with my young family and after waiting for a few years now with eager anticipation of the new beach, we were very disappointed. There is no lifeguard, no flag warning system, no toilet or changing facilities, no running water to get the sand off, the lights don’t work at night, the beach is really just ground up rocks and there is already rubbish starting to accumulate. It desperately needs someone to run some kiosk facilities or offer sunbeds, umbrellas etc. There is nothing.. and you can’t help but feel they have missed a great opportunity there.

    Very sad to hear about the death of the honeymooner, but I can’t say that I’m surprised that someone could get into difficulty there and have no-one to help out.

    As we own 2 weeks there, we were really hoping for something more, but fingers crossed it may improve for next year. Keep up the good work reporting all the goings on, just wanted to share my opinions.

  4. We were there at the time it happened. Everyone tried really hard to resuscitate him but to no avail. Very sad!

  5. I have just returned from Callao Salvaje. And i must warn everyone especially those with children be very careful of the sea currents in the area. I used the beach next to the Atlantic hotel. I did not go out far but the current pulled me back towards the sea. The sand is not firm and quite frankly “its dangerous” BE WARNED

  6. Author

    Indeed so. As I posted HERE, a page I hope everyone reads, “one particular example of strong undertow is Callao Salvaje, which has a steep shelf and a constant heavy drag as the waves break and return back out to sea, with the result that one can easily hear the suction as bathers try to get back onto the beach even when the water is only up to their knees. This is true even in calm seas, and is worse when there is any swell. Callao Salvaje is far from unique, and undertow is a serious risk, tripping up bathers and carrying them out to sea where they can be overwhelmed by the next wave coming into shore.”

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