Man drowns at Playa de Los Cristianos

An 87-year-old man died this morning while swimming at Los Cristianos beach. Emergency services were called out at 8.15am with reports that the man had been pulled from the water and was in cardiac arrest, and while his rescuers were trying to resuscitate him with telephone assistance from the coordination centre, paramedics arrived to take up their efforts. All, sadly, was in vain and the poor man was declared dead at the scene.

This is the eighth fatality in September and October alone, and there have been three other incidents these last two months where people were technically drowned but were successfully resuscitated. As I’ve said all too many times before, cardiac arrest is a known symptom of cold water shock. Please read my page HERE for information on this. It is difficult to imagine at times that our waters are “cold”, but in technical terms of cold water shock, Tenerife’s seas are never not “cold”. Please take the utmost care when swimming in the sea here.

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