Two arrested for hit and run killing of man found dead on Palm Mar to Guargacho road

Update 20 April 11.3opm: This couple were arrested, last night, on charges of reckless homicide and failure to stop and help after an accident. The tip-off received by the Guardia Civil concerned a car put away in a garage showing signs of a collision, with the vehicle’s owner saying that he had had an accident with a cyclist who received minor injuries and was attended by an ambulance. Police checked and no ambulance call fitted the description given.

In his first statement to the police, the man said that it was his partner who was driving, and that she had been alone. Subsquently, however, both have now blamed the other. The car shows evidence of a damaged front wing and broken right rear-view mirror, as well as a dented windscreen. PV

Update 20 April: The Guardia Civil have arrested two people this morning on suspicion of running down the man who was found dead on this road. Police sources say the arrests follow a laborious and painstaking investigation, though in the end, the couple seem to have been arrested following a tip-off. The detainees are a 44-year-old man identified as P.G.C., and a 28-year-old woman identified as J.M.

More information to follow throughout today.

Update 15 April: The autopsy results have revealed that the injuries found on the body are compatible with a possible hit-and-run accident.

This has always been the principal hypothesis, and police now think it possible that he was walking facing the oncoming traffic and stepped into the road to avoid some branches from the plants at the roadside. This means that a vehicle hit him at this point, and the driver fled the scene … assuming that s/he knew someone had been hit. No parts of a vehicle or remants of an apparent collision have been found at the scene, and police are now concentrating their enquiries in bodywork and paint repair shops.  PV

Update 13 April: The first results of the autopsy are back, but they haven’t clarified the situation, and police still don’t know whether the poor man was a hit-and-run victim, or died from an act of violence. They say that they are not ruling anything out at this stage.  PV

Original post 11 April: A 66-year-old man identified as Sergio C.M., from Aldea Blanca in the San Miguel municipality, was found dead around a quarter to eleven this morning on the kerbside of the TF653, the road that runs from the Palm Mar roundabout past Camping Nauta to the junction of the Guargacho-Las Galletas road. The Guardia Civil were called out after his body was spotted by a cyclist, and police sources say that although they initially thought the poor man had been run over, they are now waiting for the autopsy to be carried out to find the cause of death because of the head injury found on the body. PV

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