Callao Salvaje case now murder as victim dies

Update 31 August: and sadly, the poor man has now died. His attacker is now imputed for murder. It seems it was a love triangle, with the two men arguing over a woman who was seeing them both. LO

Update 30 August: The Guardia Civil has arrested a 31-year-oldVenezuelan man in connection with this attack. It transpires that the 32-year-old victim of the assault was an Ecuadorean; he was hit on the head with a large piece of wood, the blow causing loss of brain matter.

A Guardia Civil patrol managed to pick up the aggressor almost immediately in the same area: he is likely to appear in Court tomorrow. Police enquiries continue, including into the motive, which is currently unknown. Police sources say that the man under arrest has been imputed for attempted murder, though this could change to actual murder if the victim were to die. PV

Original post 29 August: Emergency services were called out by reports of a disturbance in Avenida El Jable, the main road running down to and through Callao Salvaje, around 5am this morning. On arrival, they found a 32-year-old man with serious head injuries after a fight with another man. The injured man was taken to Hospiten Sur, where he remains in critical condition. I’ll update if and when I see further information. Cecoes112

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