Man in critical condition after nearly drowning at Playa Fañabé

A man is in critical condition after nearly drowning at Playa Fañabé this afternoon. Emergency services say that they were called out shortly before 3.30pm with reports that he had been pulled unconscious out of the water and that lifeguards were trying to resuscitate him.  Their efforts were taken up by ambulance crew who confirmed that he had suffered a cardiac arrest, and after prolonged efforts they finally managed to get a pulse. The man is thought to be a foreign national, and after he was stabilized at the scene he was transferred to Hospiten Sur where his condition is said to be critical. 

Cardiac arrest is a symptom of cold water shock and it is still only spring in Tenerife. Even in summer our waters don’t get above the critical 25º. Please see HERE for official advice on staying safe in the sea in Tenerife. Please also bear in mind that there will be alerts for rough seas over the next few days. Please take the utmost precautions in or near the sea. 

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