Two arrested for Apolo Centre attack

Update 16 May: The National Police have arrested two Spanish youths for the attack in what is now confirmed to be a bar in the Apolo Centre. They are expected to appear in Court this morning. The victim, also Spanish, has been released from hospital after being treated and kept under observation for at least an hour and a half.

Original post 15 May:  A 35-year-old man received serious head injuries shortly after 7am this morning in a bar in Los Cristianos. Emergency services were called out to a fight involving an individual behaving threateningly with a knife, and National Police got the situation under control while paramedics assisted the injured man. He was stabilized at the scene and then transferred with a heavily bleeding head wound to Hospiten Sur where he remains in serious condition. The bar was in a commercial centre in Calle Hermano Pedro Bethencourt, which runs from the main Los Cristianos roundabout up to the Hotel Paradise Park.

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