Rumour and counter-rumour swirl in case of La Laguna shooting

Updated 19 April: There is no truth in the widely reported claim that 50-year-old Carlos Machín, the night-club owner victim of the shooting, was involved in any way with the Caso Corredor, say his family, who deny that he was due to appear either as witness or imputee in Court next month when the case of organized crime involving social security fraud and corruption is scheduled to be heard. Police have also said that the widely reported double arrest in Madrid last night was not connected with the case. Clearly rumour and counter-rumour are going to swirl in this case which is, in any case, obviously still under investigation, and the only clear fact is that the man was shot and killed in the Language School car park in La Laguna.

Original post 17 April: There is consternation late tonight in La Laguna with a person killed after being sprayed with bullets in his car. Local reports suggest that the incident occurred shortly after 10pm in the car park of the Official Language school, and that a car with at least two men in it drove up to the vehicle of the victim, thought to be a student at the school, and shot him several times: their own car, thought to have been stolen, seems to have been found burnt out nearby shortly afterwards. No doubt there will be some clarity in hours and days to come, but the shooting has left locals in shock, and the victim dead from his injuries. The National Police are investigating the case.




  1. The victim has 3 young children at the school where I work. Very distressing.

  2. What on earth is going on in Tenerife???

  3. Janet , it’s about time some good news was posted

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