Man knocked down and killed in Las Chafiras

A 53-year-old man was knocked down and killed in Las Chafiras, this evening. The accident happened shortly after 7pm in Avda. Lucio Díaz Flores Feo, the main dual carriageway behind the Dorada factory. All that’s known at present is that the vehicle involved was a car, and that paramedics found the man in cardiac arrest from the severe injuries that he suffered in the accident. Their efforts to resuscitate him were fruitless, and he was sadly declared dead at the scene.




  1. Dylan. They only work if the legal limit is exceeded so wouldn’t make much money if no one did it …. would they 🙂

  2. Ray, speed cameras? Stop trying to turn this lovely place into a little Britain. Speed cameras were not installed in the UK for safety reasons, it was about making money.

  3. Hi Daz,

    Don’t they all (roads). I’m not a general lover of fixed speed cameras but this place (Tenerife) certainly needs lots. If its not private cars it’s taxi’s or motorbikes or commercial vehicles and even buses. It’s not as if these drivers can actually gain much in the excessive speeds that they drive at on these ‘side’ roads because they are too short, and more often than not they have to join a queue of slower traffic within a few hundred metres anyway. It beggars belief.

    Having said that, we do not know if this poor man lost his life due to illegal speeding.

  4. Even after a 40kmh limit and new speed bumps that road still seems to be a racetrack for some people.

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