Man rescued after two days pinned on narrow ledge after walking accident

After two days stuck on a narrow ledge in a gorge in Mount Talavera, Los Silos, a 64-year-old man is home safe and sound tonight after being rescued by Guardia Civil Mountain Rescue. The man, who has been identified as C.C.V., tried but failed to regain safe ground, and ended up having to keep himself pinned to the wall of the barranco to stop himself falling into the abyss.

Given his state of fatigue, the hiker had to be secured with security ropes to be lifted by helicopter, before being taken to Los Silos health centre. There, he was diagnosed with tachycardia, only to be expected from the anxious and dangerous situation from which he had just been plucked. He was also fed and watered after being two days without food or drink.

The alert was raised after one of the man’s sons went to his father’s house having failed to contact him by phone. There he found a note from the man saying that he was going walking in the area where he happened to fall. The mountain rescue teams were assisted in the rescue by Guardia Civil from Icod de los Vinos, Buenavista and La Victoria, as well as a Seprona patrol (Guardia Civil Nature Protection Services), and Los Silos Policía Local.  Canarias24Horas

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