Man seriously ill but alive after near drowning in Puerto Colón

A 66-year-old Polish man is in hospital tonight after being pulled nearly drowned from the sea at Puerto Colón. Emergency services were called just after 3pm with reports that the occupants of a catamaran had rescued the man from the water and taken him into port. Paramedics stabilized him at the scene and transferred him to Hospiten Sur, where he remains in serious condition, but alive. Please do read THIS post of the drownings in Tenerife’s waters so far in 2016 … and with high summer coming, there is advice on how to stay safe. Please do take heed of it, and let’s try to avoid adding to the terribly high statistics.



  1. My son Morgan was a passenger on this boat and he went to the back of the boat to speak to a crew member he saw the man floating and pointed it out. The crew member acted like lightning anD dived in to rescue this man. As my son is a big strong lad he helped the crew pull this poor man on board and then retrieved a large towel from his girlfriend to hold up and shield the goings on from the children on board. I am very very proud of his actions. Love you son x

  2. Well done to the staff on the catamaran

  3. Well done to the staff on the catamaran 🙂

  4. Thanks to the professionalism of the crew onboard the Mustcat Catamaran this mans life was saved!
    He suffers from blood pressure issues and had not taken his medication. Whilst swimming he became unconscience and was face down in the sea. A vigelent crew member saw this and dived in to rescue the man who was brought onboard. A second crew member induced the casualty to vomit and empty his stomach of sea water. He then started to recover and when he was delivered to the ambulance crew, he was fully conscious and aware of his surroundings. He was accompanied by our onboard guide who was the link between the boat and the office in co ordinating this rescue. After a recent death aboard one of the Freebird catamarans, and the criticism that surrounded their crew, we were hell bent on showing tourists that we are ontop of our game and health and safety of our passengers is paramount!
    There is no doubt in my mind that without the actions of the crew, this person who have lost his life.

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