Man under arrest after Las Galletas killing

A 29-year-old Las Galletas man was arrested late last night for the killing of his girlfriend’s ex-husband. The arrest was made at 11.30pm by the Guardia Civil, who were responding to an alert raised by a couple of off-duty National Police officers who had found the body of the 45-year-old man inside a vehicle in a car park in the town. The Guardia officers attending found that the man had lost a great deal of blood due to a knife wound on his left side which seems to have severed the femoral artery.

Initial enquiries led quickly to the identification of the man now under arrest, who appears to have admitted the attack, claiming self defence during a struggle in which the dead man was attempting to gain forced entry to the woman’s dwelling. The “aggressor” handed over the knife allegedly used, which had been washed and put away in a drawer.  An autopsy is now being carried out on the dead man, and the detainee has been transferred to the jurisdiction of Arona Court 4.

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