Five more arrested for covering up Santa Ursula domestic violence killing or helping dispose of victim’s body

Updated 23 July: As councils around Tenerife hold a minute’s silence to express their revulsion at this latest domestic violence killing, police have confirmed that five further individuals have been arrested for a range of offences relating to covering up the death, helping to hide the woman’s body, and obstructing any investigation into her death.   

Updated 22 July: The Canarian Government has confirmed that the death of this poor woman in Santa Úrsula was a case of domestic violence, the second such killing in the Canaries this year, and the 25th nationally. All victims have been women. This poor woman, identified as Carolina Fumero, was a Tenerife native with a daughter of 18. She had issued several denuncias against her partner who is now under arrest and awaiting a Court hearing. The case is now sub judice.

Updated 21 July: Sadly, it has become apparent that the man did indeed try to hide the body of the dead woman which has now been found in a septic tank. The Guardia Civil investigation continues, with them confirming that with her death there are now 25 victims of domestic violence this year so far in Spain, all of them women.

Original post 20 July: A 44-year-old man has been arrested in the San Bartolomé area of Santa Úrsula on suspicion of killing his 43-year-old former partner. The woman is thought to have died this last weekend with the man appearing to have tried to hide her body. The Guardia Civil are investigating the incident while the woman’s suspected killer remains in custody, police saying that he has a history of domestic violence, and that he appears to have tried to hide the body.

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