Man in hospital after fight in Callao Salvaje bar

Update 4 June: It appears that the man wielding the knife was a 45-year-old Gran Canarian known as Manuel Salvador. It appears he was an indigent, and that he was mentally disturbed. He first broke a window, causing various cuts, and then threatened customers with the knife. One of them was stabbed in the stomach after confronting him. According to one witness, he then left the bar and climbed on a wall, and when the Guardia Civil arrived he started to cut himself, though his injuries appear not to have been serious. The customer who had been stabbed was attended at the scene by ambulance personnel and was then taken to Hospiten Sur. His attacker was also taken there prior to his court appearance. LO

Original post 1 June: A 45-year-old man was wounded today after a fight broke out in a bar in Calle Lava, Callao Salvaje. The road is the one that runs from Pearly Grey to the Atlantic Hotel, past the Paris and La Romantica restaurants. Emergency services were called just after 4.30pm to say that during a fight, someone had been stabbed in the stomach and needed medical assistance. SUC ambulances attended the incident, and transferred the wounded man to Hospiten Sur. The Guardia Civil is investigating. C24H

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