Man wrongly accused of Aitana’s murder to take legal action against medics and health service

Plácido Alonso, the lawyer of Diego Pastrana, the man who was wrongly accused of killing his little step-daughter recently, has presented a criminal action against the doctors who attended the child, as well as against the Canarian Health Service.

At a press conference called to make the announcement, Sr Alonso said that the action is not just against the doctor who initially examined Aitana in El Mojón, but also the three paediatricians in Candelaria Hospital who ratified the report that the child had been sexually abused. It was eventually determined by autopsy that she had died, as her parents had insisted, from injuries sustained when she fell off a swing.

The action is for serious professional negligence, which the lawyer stressed went far beyond even simple professional carelessness. Sr Alonso said there could also be a suggestion of falsification of official documents, given that the medical reports were so fundamentally belied by the details which emerged from the autopsy.

There are also questions of false accusation and denuncia, which led to the detention of Diego Pastrana, and which have fundamentally affected the physical and mental welfare of the young man ever since. Compensation will also be sought “to the last Euro”, said Sr Alonso, to pay for the life-changing horror that his client lived through, and continues to suffer from.

The lawyer said that further actions might follow against the Interior Ministry (equivalent of the UK’s Home Office) for the treatment Diego received from the Guardia Civil during his detention, and against the press which, he said, contributed to what was nothing less than a media lynching. C24H

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