A message from Jordan Walchester’s mother

Update 5 September: I have received the following from Karen and will let it speak for itself. Many believe, others don’t, but I think we all have an innate and deep longing for justice, and for closure when tragedy strikes. I hope this brings both to Karen, for Jordan …

A medium from out of the area came to see a friend of ours and to cut a long story short, she said that our son Jordan had been coming through to her with a message for us.  We duly went to see her and she firstly gave us definite evidence that was Jordan coming through! She went around the houses at first, then she said that Jordan’s death was not natural and that he was murdered.  That it happened quickly and he did not suffer.  She is going to find out more information but Jord doesn’t want us to take it any further as we have suffered enough.  Not that anyone would listen anyway, it is a relief to know the truth and everyone has said that they already knew it.
I just hope that no other family has to go through what we have all for a mobile phone a gold ring and few hundred euros.  She said that Jordans murderer has been involved in a car accident and knocked down and is no longer with us and it happened soon after his death.

Update 25 May 2013: A British Coroner’s Court has dismissed the Spanish police report into how Jordan died. Clearly he was drug and alcohol free, but whether he drowned, fell, or was attacked will never be clarified. The Coroner has ruled that the cause of his death is “unascertained”, and an open verdict was recorded. The Coroner’s remarks are of no credit whatsoever to Spanish police or forensic procedures: given that they are normally effective, the lack of rigour betrays a blatant disregard for the wellbeing of holidaymakers that is itself hardly credible … or creditable.

Update 18 September: I was really pleased to meet Jordan’s mum, Karen, recently when she was in Tenerife on holiday. It was lovely finally to put a face to the name and the online person. Karen asked me to post to let everyone know that although she felt apprehensive about coming to Tenerife for the first time since Jordan died, once here she actually felt really peaceful, and found it helped to visit the places Jordan would have visited himself while here.

Karen is no nearer to getting a definitive answer as to how Jordan died, but there are now legal measures underway which will hopefully open a few files, and hopefully clarify the picture. It’s possible, it seems, that it was a tragic accident, perhaps due to illness. Karen is a lovely woman, and I’m sure all of us on this site hope she can get nearer closure as further information is released, and wish her strength and send her support in a situation that no mother should have to face.

Update 7 February 2012: Jordan’s family has now received the Toxicology Report on his death from their MP. The report confirms that there was neither alcohol nor drugs in his system, so his death remains an utterly tragic mystery.

The family were in some way hoping that the evidence of alcohol would at least provide a clue as to how he died, and they are now more distressed and mystified than ever at the removal of what was, if nothing else, a potential explanation.

They are now waiting for the Coroner to see where the investigation goes from here.

Update 1 December 2011: At long last Jordan Walchester’s family have seen the police reports of the investigation into his death, and they show that the poor lad died after falling over and hitting his head on rocks. He was not attacked, nor despite initial police suggestions did he drown. The documents have now been made available for handing over to the North Staffordshire Coroner to arrange an inquest which will probably be held early next year.

Update 13 Sept 2010: The dead man is still not finally confirmed as British, though this is what appears to be the case, and polices sources are now saying it is possible he was not involved in a fight, but was the victim of foul play. Investigations continue. RTVC

Update 12 Sept 7.30pm: National Police have been collecting evidence at the Troya beach scene to try to clarify the cause of death of this man, who is thought to be British. It appears that he could have died as the result of a fight. RTVC

Original post 12 Sept: A man’s body was found around 8am this morning on a beach in Playa de las Américas. He appears to have been around 30 years of age. There is just this bare information right now, but the scene was attended by ambulance medics, National Police and Policía Local after a call was made to emergency services. C24H


  1. if you here any more informaion about this case could you email me please

  2. Author

    There aren’t going to be any updates that I could put in an email but not post here, so there’s no point in emailing you specifically. I’ll be updating this post as and when there’s any information, so just keep checking back.

  3. I am wondering if this was my friend, is there a name of the deceased?

  4. Author

    I’m afraid there’s no confirmation in the Spanish press right now. Some UK papers have named the poor man as Jordan Walchester, and these reports are likely to be reliable, though I stress that it has not been officially confirmed here yet. I’m so sorry, it must be awful waiting for information like this.

  5. Having knew Jordan personally, I can confirm that it was his body that was found. Local newspapers (The Sentinel) and friends who were holiday with him have confirmed it. A search for “Jordan Walchester” should suffice.

  6. thats my cousin 🙁

  7. Author

    I am so sorry, John and Jess. We’re still waiting official confirmation here, but it seems that they’re well behind events in the UK. This often happens, with Spanish authorities keeping silent when the detail is already well known and totally in the public domain.

    I just hope that his family and friends can get his body back soon so that they can have the funeral that they all need to help them deal with their loss.

  8. also my cousin 🙁 🙁

  9. Hello Janet, I am Jordans mum who died on the beach and I have just stumbled upon this website. We are devasted at our sons death and still do not know what happened. You mention in your report that it is in the public domain over there as to what happened, this is just so cruel when we are being denied information. It is making our grief even worse if thats possible. Please please could you get some information to me I beg you,
    Karen Walchester

  10. Author

    Hi Karen, I’ve just emailed you.

  11. Hi Janet, Jordan was my cousin. As a family we are absolutely devastated, as Karen says. We still know nothing. Any information you have will help Jordans mum Karen and his dad, Ivan. Please do what you can which will be much appreciated, kind regards, Paula …. 🙁

  12. Author

    Hi Paula, I’ve just sent you an email with a couple of links. It’s dreadful how long this is all taking. Please get in touch with the Consulate if you’re not already.

  13. Hi Janet, do you remember me, Im Jordans mum, mhy son died on the beach there last September. We still are no nearer in finding out what happened to Jordan, apparently there was hardly any seawater in his body so it is unlikely that he drown. We have just received some of his belongings back including a phone thats obviously Spanish and not his!! it looks like the one on the beach in the video. We are at the end of our tethers now, do you think we should go to the newspapers or not? Will we ever find out what happened. Would it help if I came over? Im so sorry to ask you all this but you are a British person ‘in the know’/
    Karen Walchester

  14. This Lad was murdered as my son was in Turkey. For God’s sake investigate this thoroughly. We are desperate to stop any other families going through this terrible trauma. So come on the BRITISH MEDIA put an end to it. We will never give up.

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