More thieves arrested for preying on tourists to steal from cars at beauty spots

Update 14 January 2011: La Orotava Guardia Civil officers have arrested two Algerian residents of Santa Cruz for thefts from vehicles parked in stopping places in the Teide national park. The two men, of 38 and 43 years of age, are charged on five counts of stealing from cars, once with forced entry, in the area at the beginning of December.

The victims were all tourists visiting Teide, and were robbed of cash and electronic items amounting to €11,500 in total. Although these thieves will now not be on the loose to prey on drivers, they are another salutary lesson not to leave cars unattended, even if locked. PV

Original post 18 October 2010: Police have picked up a 45 year old Algerian from Los Realejos with a criminal record as long as your arm for breaking into vehicles, particularly at viewing areas where tourists are momentarily distracted by the sights. The parasite was hovering around cars in one of the many mirador points of Masca which have been experiencing car thefts over recent months.

When he realized he’d been spotted by the Guardia Civil he tried to slip away, but when he was apprehended, police checked him against the database and found his lengthy record. They also found in his possession a range of equipment for forcing entry into cars, and a considerable quantity of cash.

He is now being charged with 17 robberies from cars in Masca mirador points, as well as with possessing falsified documents with which he hired cars to take him to his “work”. This is one thief who will not be preying on beauty-spot lovers for a while, but he serves as a salutary lesson. Don’t leave cars unattended, even if they are locked, in these places. They are a magnet for such thieves. PV


  1. thank god at least one of them has been caught! I have friends who have suffered on account of these people. It’s one thing in the middle of Las Americas, where you really are silly if you’re not on your guard, but up in the mountains (on one occasion not even at a mirador, just at a chance photo op – well so it seemed, apparently!) we should be able to relax, enjoy and take in the beauty without these worries.

  2. Author

    Be careful on Tenerife especially where a lot of tourists are concentrated groups.Etc. 2016.02.15-2016.02.25 we vacationed Tenerifėje, in Maska village was stolen wallet with documents and bank cards, and of course money, how much trouble back when no doc. and money. This is happening systematically and continuously, because the roadside was strewn over an empty area money bag.

  3. Author

    As it happens, only yesterday police reported picking up a 44-year-old man who had been preying on tourists at beauty spots by merging in with them … on this occasion he had stolen around €300€ and a couple of mobile phones in the Los Azulejos mirador in the Teide national park. He’s been arrested and will go through the courts, but police say that without the ability to remand in custody or expel from the country, he’ll be back doing the same thing again soon. People just need to be very aware, as in any tourist hotspot.

  4. Yes, anywhere people gather in numbers you need to be vigilant. Policia Local arrested three people at the market in Playa San Juan last Wednesday. They were pickpockets.

  5. We were stolen yesterday in one of the parking places up at the Teide park. Stopped 10 minutes for some Pictures. Documents, Cards, keys, money all gone with our small bag. 10 seconds passed between stepping off and locking the car. That was enough. Be careful.

  6. Janet.
    At the risk of sounding clever why would anybody leave a bag with valuables in any car in any country ??.I see so many people over here in the winter with open bag and,phones and wallets stuck out of their back pocket and then they wonder why they get targeted.I certainly don’t think this is only a Tenerife problem.A lot of people over here I see leave themselves wide open to this kind of crime when they only have themselves to blame in most cases.

  7. We were stolen on 8th March in Masca, same story, parked and locked the car (Panda rented). 10 minutes later it was clean, no trace of breaking. Just one window was down open, they have electronic passepartout 😉

    @Nigel, yes, you are right. Bitterly we should blame ourselves that thieves are preventing honest people to live enjoying freedom, I’m afraid

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