Mass electricity “switch-off” at 6pm tonight – will you take part to send a message about price rises to the electricity companies ?

The consumer group Facua-Consumidores en Acción has called for a nationwide switch-off tonight at 6pm Canarian time (7pm on the mainland)  to show the electricity companies what can be done with mass protest – and how their profits can be affected if we act together. Facua has asked everyone to come together and turn all electrical appliances off for one hour to send a clear message that electricity price rises cannot continue.

Already, electricity prices have risen 78% over the last ten years, and from March, there seem set to be monthly rises. We already know that the electricity companies had their eyes on an 11% rise for the new year, even though the government refused that, recognizing it was politically suicidal. The rises might yet even out at 11% though, if they are allowed to go up on a monthly basis. Let’s show them we’re not that stupid …

If you’re sharing the mass switch-off protest on social media, use #apagón30D to help focus the dissemination. I’ll be turning everything off for an hour at 6pm tonight. Will you?

I make no comment on the following, but simply reproduce THIS document from FACUA detailing all electricity price rises since 1993 – 20 years’ worth. They also say:

Elena Salgado, former economy minister, was taken on by Endesa months after leaving office.

José María Aznar, former Prime Minister, who started “electricity liberalisation”. Today he is in Endesa’s pay.

Pedro Solbes, former economy minister, today works for Enel, one of the largest power companies in Europe with connections to Endesa.

Ángel Acebes, former minister, today a member of the executive commission of Iberdrola, a Spanish private multinational electric company.

Luis de Guindos, current economy minister, worked for Endesa in 2011 at a salary of €368,000 …

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