IV Mayantigo Fest in Plaza Salytien this weekend

Adeje Ayuntamiento has announced the IV Mayantigo Fest during this last weekend of the month in the Plaza Salytien, with live traditional music from around the world. The festival will be tomorrow and Sunday, 28 and 29 September, a fantastic mix of light and colour, dance and rhythms bringing people together using the more international language of all – music!

 Last year, Ermitas Moriera García, Adeje’s tourism councillor explained that the idea  behind setting up the festival was “to give the people who come on holidays to Costa Adeje the chance to get to know something of our customs, our traditional values and after two successful years we feel we have gone some way towards achieving that, with this outdoor show, free to the public, in a main thoroughfare of the borough”.

Canarian folklore has roots in a diversity of traditions from Europe, the Americas and Africa, with a varied selection of music, song and dance, many of which have been revived by the Adeje School of folklore. The festival, as well as being a showcase for local folklore groups, also offers a shared space for groups from other parts of Spain and beyond.

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