Mayor Gorrín of Santiago del Teide announces he will not stand in next elections in 2011

The mayor of Santiago del Teide, Juan Damián Gorrín Ramos, currently embroiled in accusations of culpability for the Los Gigantes beach rockfall tragedy and adjudged to have a case to answer, has announced that he will not stand again in the next local elections in 2011. Mayor Gorrín stressed that his decision to step down was for “personal reasons”, having “served his time” for seven years at the head of both the Ayuntamiento and his party, the Coalición Canaria.

He expressed himself “satisfied” with his group’s performance in the role, saying that he will be officially informing the party’s local committee of his “difficult and long-considered” decision at its next meeting on the 22 of this month. In this particular respect, Sr Gorrín expressed dissatisfaction at the lack of support he had received from his own party, and said that the only person who had called him during his recent problems was Cristina Tavío, President of the Tinerfeñan Partido Popular. Despite this, he said that he had a “clear conscience”, and was thinking only about continuing to work to solve residents’ problems.  DA

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