Mayors under pressure …

The mayor of Granadilla, Jaime González Cejas, and two councillors, Nicolás Jorge and Ana Flores, are resigning after the Provincial Court has imputed them (named as formal suspects in an investigation) for misconduct in office, influence peddling, and embezzlement between 2003 and 2006 when the PSC-PSOE were in power in the municipality. All three refute the charges, and Mayor González says that although he respects the court’s decision, he disagrees with it, and that all the accused will prove their innocence when the court hearings take place. The current deputy mayor and councillor for Urbanismo, Medio Ambiente, Obras & Servicios Generales, Juan Rodríguez Bello, will take over as Granadilla mayor.

Meanwhile, in Santiago del Teide, former mayor Gorrín failed to turn up on Monday for his Court hearing over the council’s failure to protect the Los Guíos beach where two women died in 2009. His lawyer didn’t turn up either, and the Court’s phone calls were unanswered. Gorrin was given until yesterday to justify his absence, and has now said that he was not informed that the hearing was taking place, and that he will attend next Monday morning.


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