Mindless theft puts end to volcanic risk study

Two seismic measuring devices have been stolen in Guía de Isora and Adeje. The  equipment was part of the so-called HISS Project, an international study involving a network of 20 surface point devices measuring seismic activity in Tenerife. The two instruments are valued in total at €20,000 but the real tragedy is that the investigation has now had to be suspended because the integrated results relied on measurements from all the stations, and two of them have now disappeared.

The HISS project is co-ordinated by the Geophysics Institute of Granada University, whose director, Jesús Ibáñez, is the scientific collaborator for ITER, Tenerife’s Technological Institute for Renewable Energies. Also involved in the study are the Universities of La Laguna and Dublín, the National Geophysics & Vulcanology Institute of Roma, Pisa, Naples and Catania, and the Vulcanological Observatory of the University of Colima in Mexico.

The project’s objective was to deepen understanding of the structure and seismicity of Tenerife in order to improve studies into seismic and volcanic danger and risk. The director of ITER’s Environmental Division, Nemesio Pérez, said that these devices had no commercial value whatsoever for the thieves, and that he was simply baffled by this sort of vandalism. And so say all of us.   El Dia

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