Means-tested assistance is available for school materials for the less well-off: here is Adeje’s information but all councils will offer the same

Adeje Ayuntamiento has announced the norms for applying for schools materials assistance for the 2018-2019 academic year. This applies to students in infants, primary, and secondary school, as well as students taking ”Bachillerato’ and basic professional training courses, who are resident in Adeje. The period for applying for assistance is 19 November to 17 December.

The council says that you will need to provide the passport or Spanish residency documents of the student and the parent/guardian, as well as income-related papers (wage slips, most recent tax returns) for the family because the subsidies are means-tested. The applicant will also naturally need to be on the council padrón of residents, and the assistance applies to everyone who is registered at that address. Applicants will also be asked for information regarding the number of adults in the house who may be currently unemployed, in receipt of assistance, or information regarding disabilities, pensions, etc. The office will also require details of your mortgage or a copy of your rental contract.

Please do be aware that all councils do this, so although this post is from Adeje, which as usual is out in front in getting the information out to the public, anyone in other council areas who thinks they will qualify for assistance should enquire at their own Ayuntamientos. For Adeje, however, the council has given the link HERE for further information (in Spanish) and the forms to be filled in.

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