Meet Gallina Canaria, the native chicken of the islands

Did you know that there was a native Canarian chicken? An agreement formed last year is now up and running between ‘Isonorte’, a company helping get people back to work and integrate socially, and the Asociación de Breeders de Gallina Canaria in La Palma. together, these two entities are trying not only to protect this autochthonous breed, but to get it officially recognized.

The chickens, good layers that can also provide good meat for those who want to eat them, have been identified as a distinct breed by a genetic study coordinated by the Canarian Institute of Agricultural Research (ICIA) in collaboration with the Universities of La Laguna and Cordoba: the study found no evidence of crossbreeding or genetic relationships with other native Spanish breeds or with commercial hens, which indicates a completely different population.

Currently, there are currently 150 breeders in the Canaries and 500 registered cockerels and over 1,500 hens that comply with the breed standard, and we can get an idea of the range of colours and forms in this video today from Canarian TV.