Mental illness behind assault yesterday on policeman in Los Cristianos

At some point the authorities are going to have to face up to the problem of mental illness in the community, not least since it seems to be increasing with the rise in numbers of people suffering economic difficulties and even homelessness. We have an all-too-vivid instance of the horrors such mental problems can cause in Deyan Deyanov, sentenced only yesterday to twenty years, and yesterday too, a policeman was assaulted in Los Cristianos by a Polish man said to be suffering “diminished responsibility”.

The policeman is fine, and detail is still sketchy, but it is confirmed that the assault involved the man trying to grab the officer’s gun. He is now in custody, and after being processed by the Arona Courts and medically examined, was transferred to Candelaria hospital’s psychiatric unit for formal diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Let’s hope it is more successful this time than it was in Deyanov’s case. In my opinion, this is something we need to begin moving up the priority ladder, and bring up, whenever we are asked by the Canarian authorities, the consulate, or whoever, as an issue of high importance and great concern.

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