Mercadona withdraws certain Deliplus range cosmetic products for safety reasons

Update 5pm: This is the full list of products:

  • Deliplus nutritiva corporal con aceite de oliva
  • Deliplus crema de manos nutritiva
  • Deliplus hidratante corporal con aloe
  • Deliplus hidratante corporal efecto luminosidad
  • Deliplus hidrantante corporal reafirmante
  • Deliplus hidratante antisequedad para pies
  • Deliplus nutritiva corporal con almendras
  • Deliplus hidratante corporal pieles atópicas
  • Solcare loción after sun hidratante
  • Solcare loción after sun luminosidad
  • Solcare gel after sun aloe vera

Original post:  Mercadona has withdrawn eleven cosmetic products from its own brand Deliplus range because they contain two components,  Triethanolamine and Bronopol, which should not be included. Health Department Sanidad said that when combined, Triethanolamine and Bronopol can produce nitrosamine, a carcinogen, but stressed that the withdrawn products did not pose any risk for consumers because of the small quantities used in the Deliplus products. Legislation, however, required that they were withdrawn.

The products concerned have been redesigned to substitute the problematic ingredients. They include an olive-oil body cream and one for hands, aloe vera body moisturisers, almond foot cream, and various after-sun lotions. Manufacturing laboratory RNB has issued a press release “absolutely guaranteeing” that all products are safe.


  1. Blooming heck just thrown the aloe hidrante corporal away – should have known better when the B’s put the prices down so dramatically – they knew and just wanted to move stock before the withdrawal order came in I reckon!!

  2. This is shocking. We use about one 400ml container of aloe hidrante corporal a week. We thought it was excellent and very cheap. What do we use now?

  3. Author

    Continue to use it. The ones you were using appear to have been completely safe, but the ones that will be on sale from now on will have the substitute ingredients in.

  4. I use these and have just binned two, Im not taking any chances! Thanks for the info. I will also be switching to another brand

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