Meteor lights up north Tenerife sky

Los Rodeos air traffic control’s twitter account exploded late last night after multiple reports from pilots of a light, lasting three or so seconds, so bright that it turned the night sky to day. Various theories have been put forward to explain the phenomenon, ranging from lightning to fireworks to UFOs, but ATC said that the pilots’ reports, all coming in between 10.20 and 10.30pm, were of a light of a different magnitude altogether. Given that flights near Madeira also reported a white light, moving downwards and with a long tail, the likeliest explanation, say experts, is that it was caused by a meteorite which fell to earth some 200 miles north of the Canaries.  The army was advised of the incident, none the less, because protocols require any unexplained aerial phenomenon to be notified for defence purposes.



  1. It could have been a chunk of space launcher debris…or even a secret military satellite that didn’t make it.

  2. Unbelievably, I actually saw this while sat out on our balcony in Fuerteventura. Only lasted a few seconds, but a fast, blazing light with a meteor tail! We thought we had literally been seeing things, until reading on here.

  3. Author

    Wow, how lucky to have seen it, Petra!

  4. I know, it’s a first for me. Even though we are in a resort, it is pretty small, so light pollution is minimal and you get a really good view of the stars. Even so, I was not expecting that!

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