Meteor showers in the Canaries in 2018

Here is the full list of this year’s meteor showers, starting tonight with the Quadrantids. These often don’t seem to produce much of a spectacle, and particularly not for those who aren’t in the far north, and indeed there’s a virtually full moon too, but there’s a chance to see something tonight. Just look generally north, particularly around the area of the handle of the Plough, the constellation Ursa Major.

January 3 Quadrantids
April 22-23 Lyrids
May 6 Eta Aquarids
July 28-29 Delta Aquarids
August 12 Perseids
October 8 Draconids
October 21 Orionids
November 5 Taurids
November 17 Leonids
December 13 Geminids
December 21 Ursids

The dates above are when the meteor showers peak, and there is always a window either side, sometimes quite a long window, when meteors can be seen.There is much more information about meteor showers in general and these in particular HERE and HERE.

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