Meteorologists say we can expect entertaining weather as two systems interact near the Canaries – but there’s a high forest fire risk

There is a forest fire alert in place in the Canaries right now because conditions are ripe for a major blaze. In the last couple of days an outbreak in the La Orotava area was brought under control but the risks for the corona forestal and the National Park from fire particularly in that area are crystal clear. Meteorologists say that from this weekend the weather is going to be “entertaining”, so let’s hope it’ll provide a good cloud show rather than a horror movie. Currently we are expecting a polar front reaching down to Madeira next week and a hurricane has been gathering over recent days in Senegal in a fashion experts consider rather unusual: that is not expected to affect us at all directly, but the interaction between these two systems should see a muggy weekend and then on Sunday a reduction of temperatures, some spectacular skies, and … then we’ll see what develops.

At the moment this tropical depression in Senegal is forming its cellular walls strangely, and the polar front could come down far further than Madeira, and to some extent we could do with some of its rain (and cold!), but the most we’re likely to get from either is some fierce wind, and that’s mainly likely at altitude, not even in the medianías … so they say at the moment. The main risk, therefore, is of those forest fires, particularly in the forested crowns of these islands, and especially with winds approaching. A bombero was killed only yesterday in fighting a huge wildfire in Málaga province in southern Spain where over a thousand have had to leave their dwellings because of approaching flames. The fire is still blazing very strongly; local authorities say that it’s a monster that is beyond their ability to extinguish, that they’ll be lucky to get it contained, and even that certainly won’t be today.

We do not want to have that here again. Take care, try to stay cool (see advice HERE), and above all do nothing that could risk starting a fire and especially call 112 immediately if you see any smoke in the hills.