Mini crimewave in Callao Salvaje halted by Guardia Civil’s arrest of three youths

Three teenagers between 14 and 16 have been arrested after a spate of robberies in Callao Salvaje. Adeje Guardia Civil say that the trio, a Spaniard, an Italian and a French youth, took advantage of  people being off their guard to commit ten or so burglaries in several complexes including Callao Garden, Tropical Park and Sueño Azul. The youngsters rang doorbells and checked out the type of person who answered, asking for someone at random to explain why they’d called, and waited until their victims had gone out: those who had left their property vulnerable in any way were burgled. The thieves themselves were not careful enough, however, because they were eventually identified by security cameras.


  1. I wonder if they will be deported and their parents contacted- maybe they are doing it on behalf of the parents.

  2. Author

    They can’t be deported … one’s Spanish! The other two are EU nationals.

  3. They should be named and shamed. I live in Callao, its a small community. Its bad news for a community trying to get back on its feet.
    Why can’t the eu nationals be sent back to their own country and forbidden access to any Spanish territory in future?

  4. Author

    precisely because they’re EU nationals … and so covered by the same law that gives us the right to live here …

  5. I am pleased the police have caught these thieves but I am not convinced they have the thief who
    has been busy on Sueno Azul for the past 18 months opportunistically thieving on a regular basis.
    I believe this person is a fit, agile youth who is able to climb over walls with ease and knows the
    layout of the pathways and gardens. He uses my villa regularly to cut across leaving dark black
    footprints and scrapings on the walls. The police have been informed on several occasions but
    we are told they have to catch him actually on the premises otherwise there is nothing they can do.
    So unless the police are prepared to sit and wait for him to hop across there is no hope of catchimg
    him and he can continue to thieve at will.

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